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The “Purpose”

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As with all things in life (or at least, most people THINK all things in life) there has to be a purpose. Personally, not all things in life require this indulgent title, but indulge I will. The purpose here is, quite simply, me. It is my goals, my new-found love of food in its purest forms, my desire to become a better and healthier person. In essence, it is my journey, my transformation… Fat to fit. Food junkie to food hungry. “Strawberries? Where?!?” (Yes, I now LOVE strawberries!).

I am simply amazed at how less than a year ago, I was eating processed garbage, utterly oblivious to the destruction I was doing to my own body. After a few short months, I now can’t live without my fresh food and would never trade it in for a boxed meal again! And I feel better than I have since I was young!

So I have changed one habit, I still have many to go. The exercise starts in full force soon and hopefully the weight I am still carrying around will begin to fall off. And simply for the record, my starting weight at the time of this blog creation: 220.1 lbs.

Goal weight: 180 lbs.

This page will be updated from time to time with my progress…

And just to throw useless info out that no one really needs to know:

I live in Alaska.

I want to leave Alaska (again!).

I like to bike, run, write and (lately) cook.

I am happily married.

I have dogs. And a cat. The cat is free to a good home.

I like rain… Normally.

Lately, I hate rain!

Music is country or rock… mostly.

I’m just kidding about the cat. My wife would cause me unimaginable pain! I can just imagine the torture now… whips, chains, hand cuffs… yea, I went there! lol. Click HERE if you want to see The Kids…


Written by dcwright02

July 21, 2010 at 10:35 pm

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