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End of day update…

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Today was a great day, probably because the sun is shining for the first time in over a month! I was able to enjoy a nice long bike ride, get some fresh (rain free) air, and see the clear blue sky before the clouds came back which is what seems to normally happen… I also enjoyed a most delicious red bean quesadilla:

In the mix:
1 whole wheat tortilla
1/2 cup red beans
1/4 cup brown rice
Sprinkling of low fat cheese

On top:
Sautéed onions
Cupped lettuce
Sour cream

The beans were slow cooked in chicken broth and tasted great. Maybe a little bit on the carb heavy side for dinner but hey, gotta splurge every once in awhile right?

Dessert was a small cup of plain vanilla ice cream with some chopped dark chocolate sprinkled on top.

And because it was so beautiful outside and my mood was so good (thus the food splurge) I leave you with a pic of the clear skies:

Hopefully we have many more ahead! Good night!


Written by dcwright02

August 18, 2010 at 9:49 pm

No More Excuses!

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Excercise is hard! Really, I’m serious, it IS! But I’m not talking about the physical aspect of exercise (although this IS hard). I’m actually talking about the motivation required TO exercise. I find it SO hard to get off my lazy behind and actually get to the gym, or go for a run, or do a cycle class in the morning. Why is this? Why can’t I just wake up in the morning and go exercise? Why can’t I go to the gym after work on my way home? This is a long time problem for a lot of people and I have come to realize that while, yes, I am losing weight, I am losing it a lot slower than I should be. So today I wanted to present a few tips that may assist in conquering the “endless list of excuses.”

First, people are good at making excuses. No, really! We are! We will find or fabricate an excuse to get us out of any situation we aren’t comfortable with or simply don’t want to deal with. “Well, I didn’t eat a lot today so I will just exercise tomorrow,” or “It’s raining out so I’ll do my run when the weather is better.” These are all to common. So if you find yourself making excuses frequently, try writing them down. Look at them and then see if you can actually justify it. If you write down that you got hit by a car and are laying in a hospital bed then you’ve probably justified it. If you put down that you had a big dinner and are tired then you’re just making excuses!

Second, it is good for people to plan ahead. That is, don’t just show up at the gym not knowing what you intend to do. Many a failure has come this way. I have failed this way! I showed up, didn’t know what I wanted, got on a treadmill for 2 miles and left unsatisfied. Planning out your routine, what days you intend to exercise and so forth can definitely improve your chances of exercise success.

Lastly, write out a list of goals. What is it you really want, what is your prime goal and what are your smaller goals. Reward yourself when you achieve those goals (i.e. go on a small shopping spree, allow yourself a sweet dessert that is out of your normal diet, etc…). The goal system is a boost in motivation and confidence for anyone trying to change themselves. The reward system is also a good way to push yourself. This concept helped me quit smoking and I am trying to make it work for my exercise routines as well.

Always remember that little things can add up to big results. Replace the sugary coffee in the morning with a simple “skinny” latte or a plain coffee. Ease up on sugary foods, eat more fruits/veggies, etc… Every change you make for the better is one small step closer to your ultimate goal.

So, that is all I have for today’s post. Sorry but I have no food to show unless Moose’s Tooth Pizza is consumed later. We’ll see! 🙂 Goodbye for now and good luck for tomorrow!

The sun is shining…

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Well today, for a change, the sun is actually shining. Barely.

I think it’s gonna disappear pretty soon. It’s like we’re living in a sunless vacuum on a foreign planet up here in AK. We’re all going to migrate underground around a volcano and use the lava’s heat to stay warm! Anyways…


Today is pre/post workout (yup, I actually woke up in time for a spin class this morning!). So, I had an apple and some water on my way to the gym, LOTS of water while sweating buckets on the spin bike, and now I’m enjoying some oats, coffee and cottage cheese. Unfortunately, my fridge is getting pretty empty and I have no fresh berries to top it with…

Nothing else to report so far… I forgot to get my starting week weight as I was awake late this morning and rushed out the door to get to the spin class. Overall, I enjoyed it and hopefully can make this a reoccurring event during the weeks to come. And also, hopefully the food gets better soon. Beans and Rice… here I come!! 🙂

Which leads to my question: What are some of the most creative dishes you’ve made when ingredients started running out?

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August 10, 2010 at 7:59 am

The Last Frontier…

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So, I have a new found dislike for the home I missed for two years and came running back to last summer: Alaska… The Last Frontier. Home to the great outdoors and wonderful outside activities. So what the @#$% is up with all this DAMN rain?!?

But of course, the sun wants to come out at some point… while I’m at WORK!!

The thing is this: I don’t mind getting out in the rain and doing my thing… Cycling, running, hiking, whatever! But I am constantly being thrown obstacles that require money. Like my bike needs fenders otherwise my face becomes the target for every square inch of water that my front tire can throw up at me. Or if I want to run, I need new shoes otherwise my knee, calfs and ankles give up by 1.5mi and if by some chance I push to 3mi or more I can barely walk for two days. And any other outdoor sport that I want to do (paintball, skiing, etc…) I need contacts because my glasses fog so bad I can’t see my hand in front of my face!

So I know I am just complaining right now, and things may get better eventually,  but I was so looking forward to running today. I tried my hiking shoes but apparently that was a bad idea because my shin is a mess now. Oh well, second job here I come! But wait, that means NO time in my already MINIMAL amount of time to do pretty much ANYTHING! Ahhh, life… just keeps raining on me… LITERALLY! 🙂

On a plus note… I weighed myself this morning. My starting weight was 220.1 lbs.

Current weight…

(drum roll please…)

Here it is…

(continuing drum roll…)

215.2 lbs!!

So maybe I am doing something right after all? Or maybe it’ll all come back by monday. WHO KNOWS!! I guess we all have to wait and find out!! lol

But for now, I’m off. And sorry, no food pics today. Breakfast was healthy but lunch was eaten in the privacy of my car… Can anyone guess what evilness I was eating today? Go ahead, I dare you!

Bye for now!

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July 30, 2010 at 9:11 pm


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Ok, not a whole lot going on today in this bloggers life… Work creeps by ever so slowly, my fridge is empty so I’m literally without food today except for some remaining salad greens and an egg (and a meager portion of leftover lasagna). Can we say FOOD SHOPPING tonight?!?

Speaking of the lasagna, it was a recipe I found on the web that follows right along with clean eating. We used lean ground turkey, a healthy dose of spinach, onions, and tomatoes/tomato sauce, and some ricotta and parmesan cheese. I will say, however, that I was not impressed with the flavor combinations (it called for both nutmeg and cinnamon). So I think next time, ditch the cinnamon and spice it up a little bit with some oregano and pepper!

Here is a link to the original recipe if anyone is interested: Pasta Roll-Up’s.

And so I may save face, here is what they SHOULD have looked like! 🙂 Mine did not appear quite so delicious looking, but I’m an aspiring chef in my own kitchen and looks aren’t everything!

Well, food aside, I am hoping for some very nice weather for tomorrow as I am looking forward to FINALLY getting back down to Cooper Landing so I can bike ride the Russian Lakes trail (or part of it rather. I am not fit enough to ride the complete loop of 25+ miles!). Also in the exercise arena, monday is a Group Power class at The Alaska Club. I can’t wait!

And so, I am putting last night’s binge behind me and trudging forward with my goals. And next week is the Air Show on Elmendorf AFB and hopefully the Sunday Market as well! So I hope everyone stays on track with their goals and achieves all that they desire! Good bye for now!

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July 24, 2010 at 12:54 pm


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So here it is, I’ve finally gotten around to posting on my food/exercise blog. Basically this is gonna be about my choice to live a healthy, energetic lifestyle. I am currently at the heaviest point in my life and it’s time to turn it around and make it better. I am going to Eat Clean, lose weight and hopefully be a happier person because of it! So up for breakfast today: Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal topped with strawberries (I eat this a lot right now because I never knew how good fresh strawberries could be!). I like this cereal because it only has 3 ingredients! I also had some peppered hard-boiled egg whites and (of course!) coffee!

On the agenda for the day: going to commute to work on my bike today, possibly a long walk on lunch, and (if it’s not pouring rain) I’m going to try my scenic bike ride along the coastal trail home. This ride was ruined by weather the last time I tried so my fingers are crossed… OK, that’s all the time I have this morning. Hopefully my re-debut to blogging holds through this time. I’ll try to update later!

P.S. had to throw a family pic in here just because!

She is adorable curled up on her Mom’s suitcase!

UPDATE: The morning ride was awesome! Weather today is finally nice and I hope it holds up until 7:00 pm when I get off work. I’m going to attempt the coastal trail again on my way home and hopefully make it further than the airport post office! 🙂 (Torrential rain ruined it last time) OK, back to work!

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July 23, 2010 at 7:45 am